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Welcome to UE | Applications the home of Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference, LLC and a host of a suite of upper extremity education solutions.

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UE | Applications is a subsidiary of the Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Series, LLC.  Created as an independent company in the Spring of 2020, UE | Applications provides a suite of upper extremity educational solutions.  

Over the years, this conference has drawn from local and nationally renowned surgeons and therapists. We have enjoyed working with colleagues from across the nation while spending memorable time in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming. The Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference was established in February of 2002 to provide hand therapists and hand surgeons a world class opportunity for study and leisure. The conference has centered on the anatomy of the upper extremity and used fresh-frozen cadaveric specimens, lab sessions, didactic presentations, case studies, and panel discussions as its primary methods of instruction. Each year the conference emphasizes the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. The course is designed to provide the attendee with a comprehensive study and review the upper extremity.