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    The UE Minute

    The UE Minute video is a 1-2 minute upper extremity clinical message regarding a given topic that you can add to your clinical talking points today!

    The Dell Hand – A 2D whiteboard drawing in 2015… Now a 3D translucent model with intrinsic animation!

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    Kinesthetic Learning

    Memorizing anatomy can be challenging! Acquiring an indelible imprint of anatomical structures, origins, insertions and relationships can be overwhelming, if not, illusive. As students of the hand and upper extremity, cementing a working knowledge is critical to our ability to negotiate the manifold pathologies that are common to the hand and upper extremity. The Dell Hand, and its associated media, provide the tools for a matchless, kinesthetic learning experience to make the acquisition of a permanent understanding of intrinsic and extrinsic hand anatomy possible.

    With the Dell Hand, the nuances of the intrinsic and extrinsic anatomy of the hand come alive through the repeated drawing, erasing and communicating of the anatomy. The Dell Hand, and its associated media, provide the learner with a rich, tactile, physical educational experience. Designed to pair students, professionals, patients, physicians or other hand and upper extremity practitioners with each other, The Dell Hand is an ideal tool to learn and effectively communicate normal or pathological anatomy of the hand.

    “Kinesthetic teaching strategies offer an exciting and satisfying learning experience that leaves the student with a vivid impression following the teaching session” and “will help bridge the gap between theory and practice, thus producing better learning outcomes and ultimately better patient care.” (Sue Hudson – National League for Nursing).

    Another research article published by BMC Medical Education supports these claims with their own findings. The article stated, “In previous studies, students that had a kinesthetic learning style seemed to perform better academically, due to them employing deep learning approaches, a concept that entails students engaging with higher learning material to better solve a problem or complete a task.”

    “Active learning strategies, such as discovery learning through kinesthetic activities, have been associated with increases in student engagement and satisfaction.” (Sue Hudson – Nation League for Nursing)

    “Individuals benefit most from visual feedback, but learning can be enhanced further when simultaneous feedback from visual and kinesthetic sensory systems is combined.” (The American Journal of Surgery)

    Benefits of Kinesthetic Learning

    person holding black pen

    Improves clinical problem solving

    clear light bulb placed on chalkboard

    Deepens understanding of complex concepts

    black microphone with black background

    Fosters clear communication

    a person writing on a planner

    Advances focus and recall

    “What took me four hours to learn on a Sunday, I was able to accomplish in less than 10 minutes with the Dell Hand”

    Gabby – OT Student

    “You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve done it. When you draw on the Dell Hand you understand where you have gaps in your knowledge”

    Jenny – OT Student

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    UE | Applications is a subsidiary of the Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Series, LLC.  Created as an independent company in the Spring of 2020, UE | Applications provides a suite of upper extremity educational solutions.  

    Over the years, The Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference has drawn from local and nationally renowned surgeons and therapists. We have enjoyed working with colleagues from across the nation while spending memorable time in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming. The Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference was established in February of 2002 to provide hand therapists and hand surgeons a world class opportunity for study and leisure. The conference has centered on the anatomy of the upper extremity and used fresh-frozen cadaveric specimens, lab sessions, didactic presentations, case studies, and panel discussions as its primary methods of instruction. Each year the conference emphasizes the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. The course is designed to provide the attendee with a comprehensive study and review the upper extremity.