90. LIVE EVENT The Human Hand: A Study of Anatomy and the Anatomical Relationships of the Hand (Charleston)



The Human Hand: A Study of Anatomy and the Anatomical Relationships of the Hand
(Featuring The Dell Hand)
(Limited to the first 30 registrants)
South Carolina
Saturday, July 9th, 2022
Charleston | South Carolina
Hilton Garden Inn
Mt. Pleasant
300 Wingo Way
1 843-606-4600
(Limited to the first 30 registrants)
Experience will include:
Study of the Intrinsic & Extrinsic Anatomy of the Hand
Intrinsic Drawing Labs using The Dell Hand
The Dorsal Interossei
The Palmar Interossei
The Lumbricals
Professional, Personal, Friendly, Educational Environment
Intimate & Interactive Learning
Study of the Homunculus and the Hand
Study of ‘Intrinsic Incidence’
Cases and Complications
Study of Organization and Balance of the Hand
A Pattern: ‘If the Fingers Do Well…’
Course Description:
Participants will actively learn and participate in the detailed study of the intrinsic anatomy and anatomical relationships of the hand via didactic presentation, discussion, drawing labs and case presentation. Presentation and lab formats will foster an environment of collaborative interaction that promotes independent and group problem-solving and skill development.
3-1 Kinesthetic Teaching Model:
This conference will provide the learner with the opportunity to participate in an indelible learning experience. One drawer, one narrator, one videographer, one small group. Three distinct and effective methods of adult learning, using a single model of The Dell Hand.
The Dell Hand is an individually and professionally sculpted translucent model of the hand. The model provides an artistic rendering of the human hand in which the student can visually appreciate the natural contours of the hand while gaining insight into the osseous and intrinsic anatomy of the hand. The translucent exterior provides a smooth surface in which the student can illustrate anatomic structures with dry erase markers. All markings easily wipe completely clean.
The Dell Hand models, Zenzoi dry erase markers and cleaning kits will be provided by The Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Series for use during the conference.
During the drawing segments of the conference, all attendees will be divided into small groups of three therapists and one Dell Hand (3 to 1 Model). All participants are to come with a charged cell phone that will be used during the small group drawing sessions. Each small group will be have one drawer, one narrator, and one videographer. All participants will leave the conference with an individual video recording of their specific small group drawing session.
Mike Cricchio, MBA, OT/L, CHT
Each participant will personally draw the detailed intrinsic anatomy of the hand and will be provided with an ‘Intrinsic Hand Kit’ including the personal, professionally sculpted translucent osseous model of the hand, fine tip dry erase markers, and detailed drawing instructions.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify an understanding of intrinsic anatomy and relational anatomy of the hand within the context diagnostic and case specific scenarios.
  2. Recognize the value of personal and clinical collaborative work through multiple small group discussions and drawing labs centered on hand anatomy the management of hand pathology.
  3. Differentiate between initial and concluding knowledge of intrinsic anatomy of the hand and associated diagnoses and pathologies.
  4. Identify a network of colleagues in which to exchange ideas and contact information.
  5. Differentiate the difference and value of studying the intrinsics of the hand via various educational modes and media.
  6. Recognize and understand the importance of health and balance in rehabilitation
The Human Hand: A Study of Anatomy and the Anatomical Relationships of the Hand
(Featuring The Dell Hand)
Charleston & San Diego
Preliminary Programs
(10 continuing education credits)
The Homunculus and the Hand
The Dorsal Interossei (didactic)
The Dorsal Interossei (lab)
Q&A and Cases
The Palmar Interossei (didactic & lab)
The Lumbricals (didactic & lab)
Digital Anatomy, Bio-mechanics and Pathology
Organization and Balance of the Hand
Hand-Based Exercise Prescription Rationale and Evidence
Question and Answer Session
We invite all attendees to visit local eating establishments for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, The Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Series will not be hosting organized meal periods.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Written requests for refunds received 28 days by the conference director by will be granted. All funds, minus a $100 processing fee, will be returned to the registrant. No refunds will be issued for missed events, including sessions missed due to personal reasons.  Hotel reservations must be made and cancelled through the host hotel.  Within 28 days of the conference start date , no refunds will be granted for any reason.


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