87.5 Flexor Tendon Management: Evidence & Cases (Recorded Version Available)



Flexor Tendon Management: Evidence & Cases
Thursday, January 13th 2022
7-9pm EDT
LIVE| via Zoom
2 Continuing Education Credits
Course Description:
This two-hour course will detail the management of flexor digitorum profundus and flexor superficialis tendon injuries zone by zone. The phases of tendon healing will serve as the foundation of decision-making as critical anatomical structures, and external factors are considered in the selection of a rehabilitation protocol.
  1. Review the anatomy of the flexor digitorum profundus and flexor superficialis tendons from origin to insertion and describe the function and zone classification of each.
  2. Identify structural and anatomical considerations of each flexor tendon zone.
  3. Outline the phases of tendon healing following repair.
  4. Discuss the anatomical and biomechanical importance of the flexor pulley system.
  5. Outline critical areas of assessment following flexor tendon injury or surgery.
  6. Establish a basic understanding of surgical techniques used to repair tendons in regards to suture technique, placement, and strength.
  7. Detail the rationale for common flexor tendon rehabilitation protocols.
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2 hours continuing education credit
AOTA Approved Provider
This event is approved for continuing education credit for occupational therapists ONLY.
The entire two-hour Zoom presentation will be led by Mike Cricchio, MBA, OT/L, CHT


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